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Coming Up at Station 37... News Feed... Hoagie Sale
Don’t forget about our monthly hoagie sales! Only $3.50 gets you a foot-long ham hoagie with all the available fixins’. The hoagies are made on the third Thursday of every month using fresh ingredients and Amoroso rolls. All orders are due the Friday before the hoagies are made.

FYI: No hoagies will be made for January 2009. We hope to get your orders again next month! Welcome to the new NewHanoverFire.org!
With the help of a new web design program, NewHanoverFire.org has begun the process of a long overdue facelift! What you see is just the beginning of what we hope to be many new and useful improvements to help us educate, entertain, and inform our visitors! Please bare with us and our many “construction” zones as we work to update and improve this site with numerous interesting features such as:
Upcoming company events
Recent company activity including training, incidents, and other items of interest
A fire prevention page with tips on home safety and planning as well as a look at our annual Fire                Prevention Open House
An apparatus page with interactive tours